Romantic Honeymoons Including Honeymoon Beach and Turtle Island

Just like the perfect dress, all brides dream of the most romantic honeymoons: is a honeymoon cruise the most romantic honeymoon? Or is a Hawaii honeymoon perfect for your post-nuptials? To help choose the most honeymoon romance for you here’s some more of the world’s best honeymoon ideas to really get you dreaming.

Let’s start with romantic honeymooners classics: Paris with its graceful boulevards and cozy cafes is the city of love, Venice, its rival to the world’s affections with its gondolas and air of mystery, while Sorrento and Positano promise sun drenched and bronzed romantic honeymoons, and have a glo contagious carefree attitude that encourages seaside frolicking and wind-in-your-hair scooter rides for two. Nothing could be more ‘right’ than romantic honeymooning on Honeymoon Beach, supposedly the most secluded beach in the Seychelles and on a private island resort. Or how about Turtle Island in the South Pacific, one of the most romantic retreats available in the world today as it was where the ‘Blue Lagoon’ movies were made.

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If the lead up to the wedding has meant you’ve hardly had a moment alone then the most romantic honeymoon idea is a hideaway love nest for two. Le Pigeonnier in the south of France is a literal romantic honeymoon love nest, an 18th Century pigeon loft that’s been converted into the perfect cheap honeymoon idea just for two. Similarly secluded, The Windmill on Santorini has the luxury of a private jacuzzi and massage pool a few hundred meters from a sandy beach, all wrapped in whitewashed windmill shaped charm. And you’ll see your in-laws coming from miles off from the roof terrace of La Tour de Calanca, a 15th Century tower with views over the bright blue Corsican coast — so no one will be able to spoil the romance on your honeymoon! Villa Bournella on Corfu has almost legendary romantic honeymooner status at the moment; it’s prefect for newly weds, of course the bed has a romantic honeymoon style canopy, the pool is infinity style and the jacuzzi is more a romantic honeymoon spa bath.

If your intended is a real princess then maybe the most romantic honeymoon imaginable would be in a castle hotel like Amberley Castle, once belonging to Elizabeth I, with its own portcullis, battlements and moat, or five hundred year old Thornbury Castle, where you can sleep in the boudoir of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, is yet another memorable way to celebrate your nuptials and find a cheap, romantic honeymoon deal.

But if your honeymoon intended needs more of a Cool and Stylish DP for Whatsapp visual prompt, Pink Sands Beach is literally pink and soft, Praslin in the Seychelles is known for both its remoteness and its suggestively shaped double coconuts, and is an idea romantic honeymoon island resort, and Halong Bay with its tiny beaches and knife like islands has a love poem carved in vast letters into one of its cliffs.


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