ADD Symptoms or ADHD Symptoms: What’s the Difference?

upload symptoms or adhd signs and symptoms: what’s the distinction?

allow’s begin with query number one, “what is the difference among upload signs and adhd signs and symptoms, besides?” humans stored asking me that…

properly, it is virtually easy. i’m now not going to get into notably technical things on this however essentially, the h in adhd symptoms stands for hyperactive. in essence, what this means is interest deficit ailment, or “add,” versus attention deficit hyperactivity disease, or “adhd.”

a few human beings with upload signs locate that their frame goes in excessive tools, 1,000,000 miles an hour. they cannot sit down still, they’re everywhere in the location, and they may be transferring anywhere. that means they’re experiencing adhd signs in place of upload symptoms.

different humans, it’s just inside their heads and their body is more secure. this means it’s far just add signs. that is the overall distinction.

i am no longer a phd and that i can’t formally diagnose everyone with upload signs vs. adhd signs, but essentially the difference is that hyperactivity aspect in adhd signs and that’s it.

and so, it is only a remember of hyperactivity in bodily behavior. Symptoms Of A Blood Clot In The Leg a few people have that hyperactivity mentally and that might nevertheless be just upload symptoms and if you have the hyperactive, physical model, then you definitely have the h in there.

but, humans say, “attention deficit, essentially this is the motive of all of this, proper? there may be a deficit of interest whether or not it is add signs or adhd signs and symptoms we’re talking approximately, and that is what the problem is, proper?”

nicely, there’s a “deficit”…until you discover ways to use it. see, the best component approximately each upload symptoms and adhd symptoms is that everybody with those signs additionally has the capability to, what i name, “hyperfocus” on something for an incredible period of time.

to turn out to be so focused on some thing that point simply melts away…upload signs and symptoms, adhd signs and symptoms aside, you have got this uncanny potential.

and when time just melts away and you turn out to be so targeted–whether or not it is in your computer or a video game, or a e book you’re reading, or a sport you’re playing–you will find that you could have an absolute linear 100% diploma of recognition on that issue so long as you’re interested in it.

the primary aspect is, while you are taking a have a look at “do i have add symptoms? do not i have add symptoms? or, do i’ve adhd signs? do i no longer have adhd signs and symptoms?” throw that out the window.

approach primary is to say, “what are my strengths? what am i absolutely, actually top at?” you need to ask yourself that question. write that down on the word sheet. “what am i really, sincerely proper at?”

whilst you’ve carried out that, write down on the same sheet, “what am i sincerely, absolutely no longer top at?”

that is in which add signs and symptoms or adhd signs arise, which some people is probably embarrassed or ashamed of…however it is also where those equal add signs (or adhd signs and symptoms) can become your unmarried largest asset.

this is the cause that you could be successful, it’s the cause that i am a hit, and it is quite simple. it is due to my upload symptoms and adhd signs (you see, i am in reality each!)

you’ve got already developed remarkable developments; you’ve got already evolved especially effective conduct that you might be using the wrong manner at the moment.

however whilst you discover ways to examine the ones upload/adhd symptoms as resources to your potential to be notable, that is in which having upload signs or adhd symptoms begins to appear like a bonus, not a “disability.”

take the potential to hyperfocus, as an example. when you have both upload signs and symptoms or adhd signs, then i might wager something you have got a greater capacity than the general public to hyperfocus on a given activity or hobby.

but did you understand this potential to hyperfocus is a trait maximum inventors, marketers, or even geniuses have in commonplace?

perhaps they failed to assume they had upload signs or adhd signs and symptoms, but they likely were referred to as “spacey” or “driven” or “obsessive” with the aid of their contemporaries.

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